Brain-Based Therapy

Dr. Oakes is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist  and has learned and uses numerous therapies to improve function based on his neurological studies and the results of the neurological tests that he performs on patients.  The tests are meant to determine which parts of the brain might be functioning less than ideal so that specific exercises or therapies can be applied to increase function.  If, for example, a patient presents with a balance issue and the teat results indicate that the left cerebellum (the part of the brain most responsible for balance, coordination, gait, etc.) the doctor might apply vibration to the patient's left shoulder and see if that stimulates the cerebellum to function better and correct the balance problem.  If that doesn't work the doctor will try different therapies/exercises until he finds one that produces the desired results.  If the left frontal lobe is underfiring resulting in dyslexia, for example, the doctor might have the patient make quick eye movements to the right, or have the patient smell a certain odor in the left nostril to bring about changes.  Lights, music, eye movements, hand/foot movements, balance beam, bouncing balls, Bosu Ball exercises, Interactive Metronome, Neurofeedback, puzzles, and numerous other therapies can be used to bring about major changes in a person's brain and improve their quality of life.